Beginner’s Guide to Cookie Run: Kingdom – Tips & Tricks

Jayita T
Jayita T

Devsisters’ Cookie Run: Kingdom is an action gacha RPG by Devsisters that is widely played by cookie fans all over the globe. It is the sixth game within the overall Cookie Run franchise. Recently, the game has been updated with a collaboration with the biggest boyband in the world, BTS, which is bound to invite more players into the realm of cookie making. In this beginner’s guide to Cookie Run: Kingdom, we’ll take you through some tips and tricks to keep in mind as you play the game.

Log in Everyday

When you begin Cookie Run Kingdom, you might not have to deal with this for the first couple of hours of gameplay, but coming back to the game regularly really helps. Not only do you get a login reward, but you will also be able to make use of a Daily Bonus to help make your team stronger. You can complete three bounties per day, and fulfill the wishes of your cookies in order to get some chests. If you’re part of a guild, you should collect the daily guide check-in too, which ties in with our next tip.

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Join a Guild

There are a lot of advantages to joining a guild, as you will be able to play with your friends and have more fun. You will also be able to earn a lot of rewards through the battles and the Cookie Alliance mode. Note that you will need to share the same server as your friends in order to connect with them in the game. 

Don’t Upgrade All your Buildings Immediately

The quests will urge you to begin upgrading your resource buildings, making you craft some Roll Cake Wood and Robust Axes, but you don’t really need them at this point. What’s more, they are going to make your daily quests in the Tree of Wishes a lot more difficult. A workaround is to upgrade the building and begin crafting a Level 2 item, but cancel the item before it is made. This will ensure that you get the quest reward, but your Tree of Wishes won’t be updated for a while.

Keep your Buildings Busy

You should have a lot of coins from completing the quests and levels, so make good use of them by converting them into resources. You will need a lot of resources for almost everything in the game, so always keep your buildings running. Ensure that they are fully queued up before you go into the battle mode. This will save you a lot of time in the long run. 

Don’t Neglect Story Mode

The first mode of the game is the story mode, and through it, you will be able to get to the other modes. There are a lot of rewards in the story mode which you should be working towards and upgrade your cookies. If you want to unlock the bounties and the Guild Battle, you will need to play through the story mode in Cookie Run Kingdom.

That’s all for our tips in the game Cookie Run Kingdom. If you need a tier list to see which cookies are the best, you can check out Best Cookie Tier List for Cookie Run: Kingdom (August 2022) and Tier List of Defense Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

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