Cookie Run: Kingdom

How to Get More Cookie Cutters in Cookie Run: Kingdom

How To Get More Cookie Cutters in Cookie Run

Cookie Run: Kingdom is a captivating Gacha game for pulling exquisite cookies with a little bit of luck. Cookie Cutters are a pseudo-currency in the role-playing action game made by Devsisters, used to draw from Cookie Gacha pools instead of spending Crystals which are the premium currency. There are two types of Cookie cutters: Special Cookie Cutter and Magic Cookie Cutter. Special Cookie Cutters are made of silver and are used in the Standard Cookie Gacha whereas Magic Cookie Cutters have a purple sparkly hue to them and are used in the Featured Cookie Gacha. In the latter, there is a higher chance to find newer Cookies.

The odds for pulling a Cookie from the Gacha with a Cookie Cutter is the same as that with the use of Crystals. Cookie Cutters are a valuable currency in gameplay even though they are quite rare. Players should ideally try to collect as many as possible. There are a number of ways to get Cookie Cutters in the game, and this guide will take you through them.

Farming Cookie Cutters in Cookie Run: Kingdom

The methods for getting more Cookie Cutters are as follows.


The game’s campaign mode offers players the chance to win Cookie Cutters by completing quests. Not all quests offer Cookie Cutters, but when you complete one that does, you will receive a Cookie Cutter delivered straight into your inventory.

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Visiting the Medal shop

You can also purchase Cookie Cutters. To access the Medal shop, the player needs to go to the Kingdom Arena Battle menu. They can earn Medals by winning battles in this mode as well as different events, and subsequently exchange them for Cookie Cutters. A Magic Cookie Cutter can be obtained in exchange for 400 Medals. These items keep changing, so make sure to exchange the Medals if you see a Cookie Cutter being offered in the shop–it might not be available the next time.

Visiting the Rainbow Shell Gallery

You can access the Rainbow Shell Gallery in Touc’s Trade Harbor, and similar to the Medal shop, the inventory changes from time to time. If Cookie Cutters are available, the player can exchange them for a number of Rainbow Shells which can be earned by loading up the boat in the Trade Harbor. The players receive the Rainbow Shells on the next day and can also earn extra Rainbow Shells through events.


You can get the Cookie Cutters you want by finishing an event successfully as they are commonly offered in various recurring events that have a limited time frame. Sometimes the devs offer as many as 10 Magic Cookie Cutters at once through incentives such as linking your Google or Apple account to Devplay.


If you have a Cookie Cutter code, you can enter it into the game and receive your Cookie Cutters.

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