Best Topping Build for Prophet Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom

 Best Topping Build for Prophet Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom

The new Prophet Cookie is the best support cookie to make the roster and can be especially handy if you are looking for a healer and DPS cookie all in one. The Prophet Cookie has some unique skills that can help you out in Cookie Run Kingdom, but you might run into some problems while deciding on the right toppings to make the best build. In this guide, we will see the best topping build for the Prophet Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom.

Best Topping Build for Prophet Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom

The Epic Prophet Cookie was released during the New Year, New Adventures Update. Here we will see the best build for the Prophet cookie in the Cookie Run Kingdom.

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Before we get down to the best build, let’s take a look at the Prophet Cookie’s skills

  • DMG of Seven Prophecies – total DMG – between 190.4% to 662.4%
  • Amplified Debuffs – +5.0% for 20 sec, can stack x1
  • Amplified Buffs – +17.5% for 20 sec, can stack x1
  • Healing – Every 1 sec, heals 10.0% of ATK, lasts 5 sec
  • Locked Prophecy – will activate upon achieving 10% in Crit% using Toppings

Below is the reference sheet for unlocking the Locked Prophecy skill. The decimal will indicate which skill it will use.

  • x.0: Mala Sauce Cookie’s skill
  • x.1: Mala Sauce Cookie’s skill
  • x.3: Squid Ink Cookie’s skill
  • x.4: Squid Ink Cookie’s skill
  • x.5: Mango Cookie’s skill
  • x.6: Dark Choco Cookie’s skill
  • x.7: Dark Choco Cookie’s skill
  • x.8: Sea Fairy Cookie’s skill
  • x.9: Frost Queen Cookie’s skill

The above cookie skills are in order with the CRIT% output. To use the best skill, you need the required topping to activate it, in turn unlocking the Lost Prophecy skill. You will need:

  • Solid Almond Toppings x5 – gives +5% DMG Resist.
  • Swift Chocolate Toppings x5 – gives -5% Cooldown

You can use either one of the toppings, or a mix of both. Since the Prophet cookie has the highest cooldown time of all the cookies, the Swift Chocolate Topping can help. In totality, these toppings will give you x.9% CRIT boost, which will enable the Frost Queen’s skill for the Prophet cookie.

That’s all there is to know about the best topping build for Prophet Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well. 

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