Attachment Tuning has been Reenabled in Modern Warfare 2

Kirthana K
Kirthana K

Modern Warfare 2 has its fair share of bugs, and lately, players have noticed that whenever they equip 5 attachments on their weapon of choice, the game gets bugged and ultimately crashes. The only solution that was given so far was to unequip and reequip all the attachments and restart the game. Ultimately, the feature was locked due to persistent crashes, and the attachment tuning option was shown as disabled. 

After further investigation, a new patch update has appeared where the attachment tuning option seems to be reinstated, with the crash issue seemingly fixed. According to the 1.08 Patch Update released on the 4th of November, attachment tuning is reenabled and the issue of the game crashing when equipping 5 attachments in one gun has been rectified.

To fix the issue of attachment tuning crashing the game and enable the attachment tuning option, you have to download the latest patch fix by updating MW2 to the latest version. If you are on the console, you will notice that the download file size is around 50GB, which will take a large chunk of your time to download. To bypass the wait time, you should stop installation for anything that is not related to multiplayer, such as campaign fixes and updates, and hopefully, the file size will be reduced for quick download of the patch update. If you need to play the campaign missions with the update, you will have to go back and install all the downloads that you had stopped previously.

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