Modern Warfare 2 Gunsmith—New Create-A-Class and Attachment Tuning Explained

 Modern Warfare 2 Gunsmith—New Create-A-Class and Attachment Tuning Explained

Call of Duty’s Gunsmith is making a return in Modern Warfare 2, where players can customize their weapon loadout in the new Gunsmith menu. This feature was available in the early access version of MW2, and now it is available in the official release as well. The Gunsmith will heavily rely on weapon families and attachment tunings towards weapons from the same manufacturer. In this guide we will take an in depth look at the new Gunsmith system in Modern Warfare 2.

Modern Warfare 2 Gunsmith—New Create-A-Class and Attachment Tuning Explained

COD Modern Warfare 2’s weapon customization is something that players look forward to, especially when it comes to co-op or multiplayer gameplay. The Gunsmith will have two new features as well, Attachment Tuning and Create A Class. Here we will take an in depth look at these features and what they mean in Modern Warfare 2. 

Using the Gunsmith allows players to instantly change their weapon attachments while in multiplayer. This allows players more flexibility to adjust the weapon feel according to their play style. The Gunsmith is vital to give players control over their weapons while in the game.

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Nevertheless, the Gunsmith’s new feature, Attachment Tuning, will allow players to adjust the attachment characteristics however they wish. Each attachment’s ability can be changed based on your preference. If you prefer more movement speed on a particular attachment that includes it, this can be adjusted under the Attachment Tuning setting. But not all attachments have this feature in the beginning, as each of them have to be upgraded to a certain level before you can access this special menu. Also, buffing up an attachment will give you negative characteristics as well. So players will need to find a fine balance between what they wish to have and what can be done to the attachment. 

As for the new Create A Class, or Default Loadouts in the COD series, there are three loadouts players can choose. The three loadouts include Stalker, Sentinel, and Rusher, and each type will branch out to have two corresponding loadouts. In total, players will have a choice between 6 Default Loadouts in Modern Warfare 3. Stalker playstyles are tailored for players who like to work in the background, and are most suited for a strategic mind, while Sentinels are for players who are more cautious when it comes to the game. And last, the Rushers are suited for players who like to be in control and fight for the win. 

That’s all there is to know about Modern Warfare 2’s Create a Class and Attachment Tuning. If you like this guide, you can check out our other guides as well. 

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