Are Intel Core i9 Processors Good for Gaming?

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Intel has a lot of offerings to choose from while figuring out the best processor for your build. Their Core series of processors were introduced in 2008, and the Core i9 sub-series was added along with Kaby Lake in 2017. It replaced the X series of processors from before and added more options while trying to configure the highest end build possible. However, are these processors good for gaming?

The Core i9 processors replaced the X-lineup, one that was meant for high-end desktop chips and performance. These chips are the absolute best that you can get on a consumer-grade motherboard. Only server grad processors like the Threadrippers and Xeons and mainframe computers manage to outperform it to an extent.

Core i9 chips have been optimized for consumer workloads like rendering, content creation, modeling, running heavy software including modern games, etc. Thus, you would seldom face a single issue while trying to run the latest AAA titles on it. You will even get the most framerates out of your GPU while pairing it with the most-performing Core i9 available in any generation.

This makes the Core i9 a very lucrative choice if you have all the budget in the world to spend on a gaming computer. You also get access to perks like an extremely good IMC, a chip with awesome overclocking potential, and hardware support and relevance that will last for years to come.

However, there are a few downsides to owning a Core i9 solely for gaming. Core i9 chips are very hot running. Thus, you will have to buy premium cooling to keep the chip’s temperatures under control. Also, the Core i9 chips do not come with any boxed cooler. So, you have no other option in this case.

Plus, the Core i9 processors need a decent quality Z series motherboard to function properly. Any cheap motherboard with mediocre VRMs will limit the processor’s performance.

Thus, if you have the greens to spend on good quality components and cooling, the Core i9 chips are a viable option for gaming. However, provided the performance you can get with a Core i7 or even Core i5 processor, we do not recommend them for gaming.

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