Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris Rewards and Map Jan 01 – Jan 05 2021

If you are new to Destiny 2 or the previous title in the series, you may be wondering what the Trials of Osiris is? Stick with this guide as we will tell you everything about the Trials, the map and reward of the ongoing event.

Trials of Osiris is PVP event where the finest teams are pit against one another in an elimination style match. Teams are allowed to lose two matches at most, any more and that’s the end of the line. The objective of the contest is to go flawless, meaning win consecutive seven matches without a single loss to get a chance at the bountiful loot. Trials of Osiris is popular for it’s awesome rewards, but can also be participated during the weekend after which the event resets and cannot be accessed. The contest resets every Tuesday.

With that cleared up, let’s have a look at the Trials of Osiris Rewards and Map from Jan 01 – Jan 05 2021

Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris Rewards and Map Jan 01 – Jan 05 2021

The PVP event was cancelled for a few weeks in last month amidst concerns with bugs in the game, but the event is back on track and is starting from Jan 01 and ending on Jan 05. Players who are interested in the contest and the Trails loot can participate before the reset time.

Radiant Cliffs is the map where the event will take place this week. We have the map for you thanks to the efforts of u/r3likt.

Radiant Cliffs

The rewards for Trials of Osiris contest from Jan 01 – Jan 05, 2021 are listed below.

3 Wins5 Wins7 WinsFlawless
Eye of Sol (Sniper Rifle)Legs, Boots, and GreavesHelmet: Tomorrow’s Answer (Rocket Launcher)  The Scholar (Adept) Scout Rifle

That’s all we have in this guide, we will update the post on a weekly basis on the new map and rewards of Trials of Osiris.

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