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Apex Legends: How to Fix “Party Not Ready” Error 2022

Apex Legends error code 2022 party not ready

Apex Legends has its fair share of bugs and error messages popping up from time to time. Some seem to be fixed while others come and go. Even though the “Party Not Ready” error code 2022 is not as widespread as the others, it still rears its head now and then, making the gameplay unbearable for some players. In this guide, we will see how to tackle the issue unofficially in Apex Legends.

How to Fix Error Code 2022 “Party Not Ready” in Apex Legends

Some players have noticed that they are not able to play a match, regardless of playing solo or not, and they get the error code 2022 “Party Not Ready” while trying to join a match. Some players have noticed that while it does not occur all the time, it does appear sometimes especially after disconnecting from a recent match. You can try some of the fixes below to see it if helps.

  • Open the Apex Legends Game and enter the lobby.
  • While attempting to queue, you should get the “Party Not Ready” error
  • While still in the game, reboot your Router/Wi-Fi
  • Reconnect to Apex Legends and play the game
  • Check if Apex Legends has been whitelisted in Windows Firewall
  • Stop any third-party applications that might interfere with the game.

If this doesn’t work, you can restart the game entirely and then join a lobby to see if it works. Also, as a general rule of thumb, make sure that you have a stable internet connection.

That’s all there is to know about error code 2022 in Apex Legends and how to fix it. This is not an official fix, and it might take some time till the game developers notice it, but you can expect a patch update for the error in the future.

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