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How to Enable Crossplay in Apex Legends

How to Enable Crossplay in Apex Legends

EA’s one of the most popular games, Apex Legends, is a battle royale first released in 2019. It comes to Nintendo Switch in 2021. When Apex Legends was first released, there was no Crossplay available.

Crossplay or Cross-Platform play is one of multiplayer video games’ most common and popular features. It allows players to play with their friends using different platforms. Because Apex Legends is also a multiplayer game, players want a Crossplay feature to play with their friends using various platforms. 

This guide will help you know how to enable Crossplay in Apex Legends.

How to Play with Friends in Apex Legends (Crossplay)

We’ve already told that in the beginning, there was no Crossplay available in Apex Legends, but after a lot of requests from the players, finally, this feature is added to the game. Enabling Crossplay is not a complicated issue. Follow the below steps to enable Crossplay in Apex Legends-

  1. Open the ‘Friends’ tab on the Main menu.
  2. Go to the ‘Find Friends’ Section
  3. Type the in-game username of your friend
  4. When the list of your searched usernames comes, select your friend’s username and the right platform your friend is using.
  5. Now, you can play with your friend across the platforms.

But this Crossplay feature doesn’t work on Single-player mode. It is exclusively for multiplayer mode. Also, when you search for your friend’s username, the game will automatically search and show you similar usernames on all platforms. So be careful while choosing the username of your friend.

That’s all you need to know about how to enable Crossplay in Apex Legends. However, if you are confused about enabling Crossplay in Apex Legends, Check out our guide to get help.

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