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100 Jaw-Dropping Digital Marketing Statistics for 2020

December 31, 2019 By Playerunnon

Content Marketing

  • 71% of People are Turned Off by Content that Sounds Like a Sales Pitch

The primary objective of content marketing is to attract customers to the website, but in an attempt to drive traffic we fail to provide value and make the content salesy. However, only providing informative content will not provide any value to the business. The key is the right balance between informative and sales pitch.

  • Ad-blocking Technology is Used by 615 Million Devices

A large number of people use ad blocks that prevent publisher websites from advertising to those users. It is estimated that 11% of internet users use ad blocks. This has significantly impacted the ad revenue of publisher websites. So, if you are running ads on your website, this statistics is something that shows the future.

  • 40% of Customers want Brand Emails to be More Informative than Promotional

On average, people check their inbox 74 times a day. They want to see informative content instead of promotional emails.

  • 84% of People Want Brands to Generate Content

They also want the content to be highly informative and relevant. The content should add value to the lives of people and inform them about the specification they did not know before.

  • 91% of Ad Spend Goes to Waste as People View it Less Than A Second

It’s a gruesome fact, people do not like ads on the digital platform and immediately skip over them if they have the option, which results in $38 Billion of wasted money on ads. This makes you think if ads are the best way to present your brand to the customers.

  • It Takes 11.4 Pieces of Content to Motivate a Purchase Decision

If you think a customer would read your blog and immediately make the decision to purchase, you are wrong. It takes a lot of time and content before the customer starts to trust your brand and make a purchase.

  • 95% of B2B Customers Consider the Trustworthiness of Content When Researching a Company and its Products

Content is important for every business with a website; it’s the first point of interaction between your brand and the customers. Credible content allows you to build credibility with the customers.

  • 75% of Customers Expect Consistency in Experience

Machine learning and Artificial intelligence can help businesses provide consistency across various platforms where they engage with customers.

  • 85% of Users Prefer Organic Search Results over Paid Ads

This is the reason why all companies focus so much on SEO and another statistic that proves ads are not preferred or entertained by users. To be successful in 2020, you need to rank for the organic search, this will increase the traffic to your website and subsequent conversion.

  • 88% of B2B Marketers Claim Content as an Essential Part of Marketing

Content offers a wide range of benefits for business from SEO, visibility, to improving the credibility of the brand. It also provides customers with adequate information to understand the product and services of the business before making a purchase.