GOAT Pen Master Keys Location in Dead Island 2

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Dead Island 2 is the latest action role-playing game released on 21st April 2023. Being the sequel to the 2011 Dead Island, this game has attracted the attention of players worldwide. As you progress through the game, you must complete several missions and find items to reach the climax. The GOAT Pen is one of the essential locations to unlock in the game, and this guide will help you know how you can find GOAT Pen Master Keys in Dead Island 2.

GOAT Pen Master Keys Location in Dead Island 2- Where to Find?

As you progress through the game, eventually, you will discover the most important location in the game, the GOAT Pen. This is a luxurious mansion located in Bel-Air, where a group of streamers used to live before the Zombie Apocalypse. However, this won’t be found immediately after you start the game. You must progress a little through the game and complete the ‘Death of the Party’ side quest.

The next quest is named ‘Creature Comforts,’ and players are tasked by Curtis Sinclair to get alcohol from GOAT Pen. Once you reach the location, you will find most rooms are locked, and you need Master Keys to access them. Even the Wine Celler, where you need to go to get Alcohol for Curtis, is also locked. So, your next task is to find Master Key to unlock the Wine Celler.

Players can break through the window to access the Wine Celler, but that’s not the proper process. Moreover, an alarm will trigger the very moment you break the glass to alert the zombies about your presence. So, it is better to find the Master Key to enter the Wine Celler.

GOAT Pen Master Keys Location in Dead Island 2- Where to Find

The Key finding process is not complicated. You have to locate a zombie named GOAT Pen Jamie. This Zombie generally roams in the games area of the house. Check the Bowling Alley and see whether you find the target, Zombie. Once you encounter GOAT Pen Jamie, defeat it, and it will drop the Key. Pick up the Key, and you can now access the Wine Celler and the Master Bedroom using this Key. One thing to mention here, we are not sure whether GOAT Pen Jamie will always spawn in the Bowling Alley. So, if you don’t find him there, you have to search other locations to find him.

That’s all you need to know about how to find the GOAT Pen Master Keys in Dead Island 2.

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