Dead Island 2 – Who is the Best Slayer to Pick

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While fighting for your life in Dead Island 2, the character you pick will make all the difference to your gameplay. You are introduced to 6 slayers to pick for the game; Amy, Bruno, Carla, Dani, Jacob, and Ryan. But not all characters are worth your time, and some will help you get through the zombie horde quickly. If you are looking for the best character to use in the game, then you can keep reading below. In this guide, we will see who is the best slayer in Dead Island 2.

Dead Island 2 – Who is the Best Slayer to Pick

Each Slayer has their perks and advantages, but you have to figure out which one would benefit your playstyle. Here we will see which is the best slayer to pick in Dead Island 2

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Best Offensive Slayer in Dead Island 2

If you don’t mind jumping head-on into the zombie horde, then you can go for Jacob or Carla. Carla’s Dig Deep and Most Pit skills help boost her toughness and damage during times of need. She also has very high resilience with high toughness, making her a well-rounded offensive character.

Jacob, on the other hand, is more suited to be on the frontlines. His Feral skill can help stack damage boosts, while Critical Gains help him put more critical damage, which in turn builds his stamina. Jacob leans more towards Stamina and Peak Health, which are both very high, so you don’t have to worry much about zombies under his watch.

Best Defensive Slayer in Dead Island 2

So if you like to play on the sidelines, then you can pick Ryan or Carla. These characters are best for defense, as they have high toughness and resilience. Carla’s skills were already discussed above, so she can be swapped for offensive and defensive roles. Ryan’s Seesaw skill helps him regain health for every zombie he knocks out. His Retaliation skill gives him a force boost every time he blocks or dodges. Both these characters have moderate Stamina, HP Recovery, and Peak Health, so you can mix and match to see which slayer suits you.

Best Support Slayer in Dead Island 2

The support group is a ragtag team consisting of Amy, Dani, and Bruno. Amy has the highest agility of all the slayers, making her the fastest slayer in the group, But she is very low on Toughness and Peak Health and has moderate stats in her other attributes. Her Divide & Conquer skill helps her gain a minor damage boost, but only when attacking isolated zombies. Her Relief Pitcher skills help regain stamina for each zombie she hits with a weapon throw.

Bruno fairs highly in the Critical Damage area, which is higher than all other slayers. But he can be a bit difficult to handle because of his extremely low Peak Health. His Backstab and Rapid Reprisal gives a boost to his agility, damage output, and heavy attack charges under certain conditions.

Dani has high Stamina and Peak Health but has the lowest Health Recovery of the group. Her Bloodlust skill will help you with that, as it can help regain health if Dani kills zombies in quick succession. She can also cause explosives with her Thunderstruck skill, which is great for crowd control.

Best Tank Slayer in Dead Island 2

Finally, we come to the Tankier characters in Dead Island 2. If you are looking for characters with high toughness and stamina, then you can pick Ryan, Jacob, Carla, or Dani. For Peak Health and Resilience, then you can pick Carla or Ryan. Jacob can also fit here since his Peak Health is at max, but his Resilience is the lowest. If you are only concerned about landing more Critical Damage, then you can pick Amy or Bruno, but these characters falter under the other attributes.

All in all, there is no best overall character, but you can pick any of them to see how you would like to play the game. That’s all there is to know about the best slayers in Dead Island 2. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well.

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