How to Find Family Garage Safe Key Location in Dead Island 2

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Locked safes and doors are all over Dead Island 2. They are common in almost every location you explore during your gameplay. Almost all these locked items have their keys with specific zombies who are found roaming around the location. Similarly, if you have found the Family Garage Safe and looking for its Key, it is with a zombie. This guide will help you determine the Family Garage location and how to find the safe Key.

Family Garage Safe Key Location in  Dead Island 2- Where to Find?

If you have played Dead Island before and playing the sequel currently, you can easily find out the sequel is much more complicated and challenging. The more you progress through the game, the more challenging enemies will spawn, and throughout the game, where ever you go, you will get Walker, Slobber, Runner, etc., around you.

Locked boxes and doors are common to the game, and the Family Garage Safe is no exception. It is located inside a house in Beverly Hills. The house has a black roof, and players can easily locate this house on the map. For further help, you can check the map below-

Family Garage Safe Key Location in  Dead Island 2- Where to Find?

Once you are near the location, go to the back side of the house, and you’ll get the open garage. Go inside the garage to get the locked safe. Now, if you want to open the safe and look for the Key, let me tell you to get the Key, you have to find and kill a specific zombie named- Nosy Neighbour. This zombie will be found on the road outside.

Start moving forward, pass the fire, and take a left from the ‘Stop’ board. Keep moving through the left side road; it will take some time to locate Nosy Neighbour. She is located a little away from the house. She will have other zombies with her.

Family Garage Safe Key Location in  Dead Island 2- Where to Find?

Be careful and deal with the other zombies first, so you can focus on killing her. Once you defeat the Nosy Neighbour, it will drop the Key you want. Pick up the Key, return to the garage, and open the safe. You will get a Bloodthristy Bowie Knife from the safe.

That’s all you need to know about how to get Family Garage Safe Key in Dead Island 2.

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