Where to Find Sea Turtle in Sons of The Forest

Harsh Clif
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Sea Turtles are docile creatures in the Sons of the Forest found only near a water source. They are mostly found on the edges of the map with land touching the ocean, but they can also be found near small bodies of water on the map. However, it’s the turtle shells that you are after, and the ones near the lakes do not drop them. Here is how to find Sea Turtle and use the Sea Turtle shells in Sons of the Forest.

Where to Find Sea Turtle in Sons of the Forest

Thanks to mapgenie.io, we have a map that shows the exact location of the sea turtles on the Sons of the forest map. As you can see on the map below, sea turtles can be found on all the edges. In fact, you can find a few not far away from where your plane crashes. Here is all the places you can find sea turtles in Sons of the Forest.

Where to Find Sea Turtle in Sons of the Forest

How to Use Turtle Shell in Sons of The Forest

The only use of a turtle’s shell is to carry water from one place to the other. THis might be handly while playing multiplayer games, where you can bring water for the other team members. The Forest allowed you to collect rain water with the turtle shell, but that don’t seem to be the case in this game.

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