Where To Find Gloomharrow Jaw In Windbound

You will require the Gloomharrow Jaw quite early in the game in order to make an axe, but the resource become available much later. In this guide, we will show you where to find Gloomharrow Jaw in Windbound. After you have the axe recipe – which can be obtained by attempting to cut a dead tree – you will notice all the ingredients are easy to get except one the Gloomharrow Jaw.

You need the axe in the early stages of the game, so, you need to find the unique ingredient. The axe allows you to make wood, which can be used in various ways. At this stage, tier 3 boat upgrades. So, stick around and we will show you where to find it.

Where To Find Gloomharrow Jaw In Windbound

There is not confirmed sighting of Gloomharrow Jaw in the first two chapters of the game, but that does not mean you may not find it. There is a chance other might have missed it. However, chapter 3 definitely has the unique item and many have found it. Explore the entire island, even areas that don’t have the keys and you will come across a few Gloomharrow Jaw.

These beasts are tough to fight so come prepared with a good amount of HP. The best way to fight them is from a distance. Few shots with the bow should do the trick. If you think, you have the skills, you can go for the melee attack with a Bone Spear. Gloomharrows have the ability to disappear after a hit and they will quickly reappear in another area nearby.

Don’t be close enough to it or it will try to bite after a roar. It also has a long-ranged attack. When you are quite far, it will launch its tongue at you. If you are going for the melee attack, stay in close proximity and attack it with the Bone Spear, with for it to reappear and repeat the process.

After it reappears, look for the roar as a clue and dodge its attacks. Revert with an attack of your own and repeat the process until it’s down.     

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