How To Increase Life In Windbound

Windbound has two levels of difficulty – Story and Survival. If you are playing in the Story difficulty, dying results in you returning to the island and you can start afresh, but, in the Survival difficulty, things can get intense. If you die in this mode, it can be punishing as you will return to the start of the game with just Sea Shards, Blessings and Held items. Therefore, you need to know how to increase life in Windbound.

In this guide, you will know how you can reach the maximum life in the game so survival become easy. As you play the game, some enemies will be very difficult to defeat and you will have to test various strategies. Until you perfect the trick to defeat different types of enemies, the high health pool will allow you to make mistakes. Let’s proceed with the guide.

How To Increase Life In Windbound

Shrines with the red crystal in them is what you want to look for in order to increase life in Windbound. The shrines can be interacted with and you obtain a small boost of HP, but it lasts the entire run. The exact locations off these shrines cannot be told as the maps regenerate each time and the shrines spawn at different locations, but there are certain hints you can follow. They are quite rare so you will have to spend time looking for them in the main island. You are more likely to find them on off-roads, but don’t go sailing in the blue in search of them. Look for them in places that people won’t usually go.

Look into the horizon for locations that stand out, these are the places you can find the red crystal. They may appear as small a small rock at a distance, a small island far from the main island, a coral reef, and the likes. You may find the source to increase life between these locations.

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