Where To Find Food In Windbound

Windbound is an amazing tactical survival video game drawing reference from popular game in the genre such as Rust. As the playable character – Kara, you have to hone your skills of survival on both land and sea. Exploring the open waters allow you to gather resources. Food is one of the most essential resource like any other survival game. It’s fuels your energy to do just about anything in the game. Finding food and cooking are two aspects of gathering the nutrition you require. In this guide, we will show you where to find food in Windbound.

While gathering food in the game is crucial, they also decay if stored for a long time, so, the objective should be to gather just enough for survival as the process of acquiring food can be tedious. The game provides you a vast option for food, but in this guide, we will search for the best available food in Chapter 1. The four types of food you can find right off the bat are Mushrooms, Berries, Meat, and Fish.

Where To Find Food In Windbound

Mushrooms, Berries, Meat and Fish are the primary source of nutrition in the first chapter of the game. Here is a brief on how you can obtain each item.

Where to Find Mushrooms in Windbound

Mushrooms are laden throughout the game across all chapters, so you can resort to them across the various maps in Windbound. In the first chapter, they grow on the trunk of brown large trees. As you go further into the game, you will find mushrooms on the ground as well, but in the first chapter focus on the trunks.

Where to Find Berries in Windbound

Berries are the easiest and the most basic food in the game providing only a little health and stamina boost. However, their wide occurrence means you have to spend less time searching for them. When you are on an island, don’t rush to gather all the food, eat all that you can and continue. Before leaving the island, gather all the food. Since the food can rot, looting when you are leaving allows the food to last for longer.  

Where to Find Meat in Windbound

Meat from animals is one of the best ways to increase the health and stamina. It’s going to be one of the primary ways you obtain your food in Windbound. Small animals can be killed with the help of knife, but for larger animals you will require a spear. Overtime, the animals will respawn.

Where to Find Fish in Windbound

At this stage of the game, fishing seems to be rare. You can spot a fish on rare instances when you visit an island, but without the bow and arrow they are impossible to catch.

So, these are all the ways to find food in Windbound. I hope you found this guide helpful. Do check out the category for more guides on the game.

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