Where to Find and Kill Commanders in Warzone 2 DMZ – ‘Kill 3 Commanders’ Missions

Harsh Clif
Harsh Clif

Warzone 2 DMZ has 3 bosses if you weren’t aware and for this mission, you need to kill 3 commanders or bosses. The three bosses that you need to kill are The Chemist, Juggernaut, and the one of the Helicopter with the skull icon. You can choose to kill all of the three bosses in one match or just go after the easiest boss and get the mission done in three games. Personally, we suggest you go after the Juggernaut or the helicopter boss. Here is where you can find the commanders in Warzone 2 DMZ and complete the ‘Kill 3 Commanders’ mission.

How to Complete Kill 3 Commanders Missions in Warzone 2 DMZ

After nearly two weeks since the launch of the DMZ, most players probably already know the location of the Chemist and the Juggernaut. For those who don’t, the Chemist is found in the only radiation area on the map, indicated by a small yellow circle. A larger circle indicates the Juggernaut on the map with the case at the center. You can see and track the two locations as soon as you enter a match.

chemist and jaggaurnaut warzone 2 DMZ

Killing the Chemist can be a pain due to a large number of AIs around him. Killing the Juggernaut on the other hand is quite easy, but at the start of each match, all the strong players aim for the weapons case that the Juggernaut carries, which makes killing him a bit difficult. The third commander is the best to complete this mission. But you will need to jump into the game thrice.

The third boss spawns after you complete the Intel missions. The boss will even spawn if someone else does the intel mission. So, either you can wait for the boss to spawn or do the intel mission, and the commander will spawn.

He spawns in a helicopter that you need to destroy. Just make sure that you are either in a building while trying to do the mission as the fire from the helicopter can kill you instantly. You can go after the helicopter commander in three matches and get the challenge done.  

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