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How to Kill The Chemist in Warzone 2 DMZ

How to Kill The Chemist in Warzone 2.0

Warzone 2.0 is out for a day only, and players have already jumped into the game to explore every newly added feature. DMZ mode is one of the main attractions of Warzone 2.0, and players are grinding a lot through this mode to explore the entire Al Mazrah map. If you are playing DMZ mode, you must have seen the Chemist or other players trying to defeat him. If you also tried to defeat the Chemist in Warzone 2.0 and failed, this guide will help you know how you can defeat the Chemist.

Guide to Beat the Chemist in Warzone 2.0- How to Do?

The Chemist is the boss in Warzone 2.0 and though beating him is not impossible, it is indeed one of the challenging tasks. The Chemist is an AI whom players can only find in the Radiation Zone. Because the Radiation Zone doesn’t always locate in the same area, players need to open their map and look for the yellow circled area. The Yellow circle area is the radiation zone, but the Chemist will be found in part marked with a pink icon (image below).

Guide to Beat the Chemist in Warzone 2.0- How to Do

Now that you have located the Chemist, the next task is to head to that location. But before proceeding further, remember some important things that the Chemist is more challenging than average AI enemies. He is equipped with armor and weapons. His yellow suit, which makes him unique among others, is not as powerful as a juggernaut suit but immensely powerful. He has a large Health Pool compared to other enemies. Additionally, he has his AI squad around him. So, precisely, as a solo player, it will be an almost impossible task to defeat the Chemist.

Guide to Beat the Chemist in Warzone 2.0- How to Do

We recommend you take a team to defeat the Chemist. As soon as you enter the Radiation Zone, kill AIs and take their Gas Masks. Without Gas Masks, players can’t survive long in that area, and fortunately, all the AIs have Gas Masks. Now, fighting the Chemist openly is almost equal to inviting death. So, you need covers and backups to deal with the AIs first and then the Chemist. Also, remember, you are not the only one looking for the Chemist at that time. So, there will be enemy players who you need to clear.

The safest way to defeat the Chemist that we suggest is to use a vehicle to hit the Chemist. Hitting by a vehicle does considerable damage, and it’s safer than fighting him openly. Also, it will save you from other players to some extent. Now, if you prefer to play with weapons and have your team with you, attack the Chemist from all around so he can get maximum damage. Alternatively, if you are a solo player, we recommend you to bring a sniper rifle and shoot the Chemist from some distance where he can’t spot you. Keep shooting him until he dies.

That’s all you need to know about how to beat the Chemist in Warzone 2.0. Defeating The Chemist will give players an M13B Assault Rifle, and only one team member can get it. Also, the Chemist spawns once per match, so if you don’t find him after reaching the radiation zone or don’t get ‘The Chemist is nearby’ prompt on the screen, then he is already killed by some other player. So you must start a new DMZ match to kill The Chemist and head to his location before everyone else.

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