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What are the Best Equipments in Modern Warfare 2

The upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will bring back the series’ iconic multiplayer gameplay. With this upcoming game, the developers are working on new experiences to further heighten the experience of Call of Duty fans. However, some core mechanics will remain unaltered so that gamers do not have to spend a chunk of time trying to get accustomed to their favorite multiplayer experience.

Like previous games, Modern Warfare 2 will allow gamers to customize their loadout to best suit their play style. Customization options range from adding weapons from the wide arsenal of the game. These weapons support insane customization via the Gunsmith feature. The developers have updated the Gunsmith to feature even more robust customizaiton options.

However, guns are not the end of the story in Modern Warfare 2. Users can customize their equipment to best suit their gameplay needs and wreak havoc across the dozens of maps the multiplayer will drop with.

A guide to the best Modern Warfare 2 equipment

Modern Warfare 2 will bring both lethal and tactial equipment to let gamers choose their gameplay technique. They can either choose to wreak havoc and blow up the opponents. Alternatively, the tactical equipment will help players to trick the opponents and give the gamers an advantage.

The best lethal equipment in Call of Duty are:

  1. Frag Grenade
  2. C4 chages
  3. Throwing knives
  4. Claymore mines
  5. Molotov Cocktails
  6. Semtex
  7. Thermite
  8. Promixitiy Mines
  9. Drill Charges

The best tactical equipment in Modern Warfare 2 Open Beta are:

  1. Heartbeat Snensor
  2. Snapshot Grenade
  3. Spotter Scope
  4. Decoy Grenade
  5. Smoke Grenade
  6. Tear Gas
  7. Shock Stick
  8. Flash Grenade
  9. Medical Syringe
  10. Stun Grenade

Modern Warfare 2 has introduced unique and brand-new equipment that has never surfaced in the series in the past. All of the equipment listed above are currently available in the Open Beta.

The new equipment that players will get to experience for the first time in the series include Drill Charges, Shock Sticks, and Spotter Scopes.

Spotter Scopes can be used to target enemies from a distance. This will make taking them down simpler.

Players can use the Shock Stick to electrify a surface. These surfaces can then electrocute enemies if they happen to walk past it.

Lastly, Drill Charges can be used as thermal lances. These explosives explode after going into the ground, wreaking havoc in its surroundings.

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