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What are Contraband Weapons in Warzone 2 DMZ

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A key element of this year’s big release, Warzone 2, is that players are able to access a variety of areas. It is still necessary to cross some of these hazards in order to obtain new weaponry and complete missions. One of the weapons are the contraband weapons. But what are these weapons? How do we get these weapons? Let’s find out in this guide.

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What are Contraband Weapons in Warzone 2 DMZ?

Contraband Weapons are any DMZ-exclusive guns you obtain from enemies or other players and successfully exfil with. Losing it on the battlefield will permanently remove it from your inventory. These weapons can also be found on the ground, but they can also be picked up from containers or enemy combatants. 

As everyone who participates in this game knows, securing better supplies and loot means you’ll be one step ahead of those who don’t prepare themselves as well. These weapons are usually customized by the player you killed them from, so it gives you an opportunity to test out unique loadouts that you may not have otherwise.


Getting a contraband weapon in DMZ involves looting it from an enemy, obtaining it from another player or picking it up from the ground. After obtaining another player’s weapon, you’ll need to successfully exfil it out of the combat zone while still holding it.

As soon as you load this contraband weapon into DMZ, you’ll receive an inventory of Contraband Weapons. You’ll be able to store them in your contraband stash which can hold up to 10 contraband weapons. However, you can lose these weapons permanently if you lose them while playing in the DMZ.

This concludes our guide on what are contraband weapons in Warzone 2. Keep reading our other guides for the latest updates on the game. 

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