Warzone 2 DMZ Kastov Weapons Testing Mission Guide

Shubham Chaurasia
Shubham Chaurasia

There are many weapons in Warzone 2.0 DMZ and players can infil with any weapon they want. But some missions require players to bring a specific weapon and kill enemies with it in order to complete the objectives. The Kastov Weapons testing mission is one of those missions, in which players need to bring weapons from the Kastov Platform and kill enemies with them. This guide will walk you through the whole Kastov Weapons testing mission and how to complete them easily. 

Kastov Weapons Testing mission guide 

Kostov Weapons testing is a Crown faction mission in which players need to use Kastov Platform weapons to complete these 3 objectives: 

  1. Kill 15 Enemies with Headshots with the Kastov Platform of Weapons
  2. Kill 2 Operators with the Kastov Platform
  3. Kill 1 Commander with the Kastov Platform

Kastov platform weapons are as follows: 

  1. Kastov 762
  2. Kastov 545 
  3. Kastov-74U
  4. Vaznev-9K
  5. Minibak  
  6. RPK 

These are the 6 weapons under the Kastovia platform and players can use any of these weapons to complete the mission. My recommendation would be to use the Kastov-74U as it is a very common weapon. 

For the first objective, players will need to kill 15 enemies with a headshot from any of the Kastov Platform weapons. This objective doesn’t have any range requirement so players only need to kill enemies with a headshot from the kastov platform weapons. 

For the second objective, players will need to kill 2 enemy players but with a Kastov Platform weapon. This mission would be a lot easier on Ashika Island because of how small the map is, there is no restriction on the map so players can choose whatever map (Al Mazrah or Ashika Island) and kastov platform they want. Simply kill 2 enemy players and complete this objective. 

For the third and final objective, players will need to kill a commander with a kastov platform weapon. Players can simply try to kill the map boss (bombmaker)or the helicopter commander to complete this mission. 

That’s all you need to know about how to complete the Kastov Weapons Testing mission in Warzone 2.0 DMZ. If you find this guide helpful, you can check our website for more such guides and news about Warzone 2.0 and various other games. 

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