Warzone 2 DMZ Commanding Intel Mission Guide

Shubham Chaurasia
Shubham Chaurasia

Commanding Intel mission is going to be one of the first few missions in which players need to complete the 3 objectives focused on killing the boss and getting the legendary weapon case. This guide will walk you through all the objectives of the Commanding Intel mission in Warzone 2.0 DMZ. 

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Commanding Intel mission guide in Warzone 2.0 DMZ

Commanding Intel is a White Lotus faction mission and this mission has 3 objectives: 

  1. Complete a secure intel contract 
  2. Kill a commander 
  3. Extract a weapons case 

For the first objective, players need to go to any of the maps and then find a secure intel contract on the map. To complete a secure intel contract, players need to start the contract and then go to a tower or building to secure the intel from it. After doing that players will complete the contract and they will get a good amount of cash. This will complete the first objective. 

For the second objective, I would suggest players go to Ashika Island and then go to the SAM Site and try to capture it. After capturing the SAM site, there is a chance that players will see the commander’s helicopter “with a Skull sign” coming to fight them and then simply kill the commander with the help of missiles and after killing the commander the second objective will be completed. 

For the third objective, players need to kill a boss of any of the maps and get his weapon box extracted with it. I again recommend players try to kill the Bombmaker boss from Ashika Island. Bombmaker is located in the tsuki castle and after killing him gets his weapon’s case and then players need to extract it. The players are required to extract the weapon case because without extraction the objective will not be completed. 

That’s all you need to do to complete the Commanding Intel mission in Warzone 2.0 DMZ. If you find this guide helpful, you can check our website for more such guides and news on Warzone 2.0 and various other games. 

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