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Victoria 3: Guide to Elections

How Do Elections Work in Victoria 3

If you want to build one of the most powerful countries in the world in Victoria 3, you will need to keep an eye on all the factors that make up your nation. One of them is the government, which you control. You will be able to do so with the help of elections, but first, you need to understand how they work. In this guide, we will take you through the process of how to conduct elections in Victoria 3.

How Do Elections Work in Victoria 3

Everything about the lives of your Pops is dictated by the laws that you make. Managing the government means that you need to make your own laws, and you need to do so carefully in order to avoid political movements that threaten your rule. Without proper laws, your country will fall into ruin. If the laws of your country enable elections, you will be able to conduct them.

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Interest Groups are very important when it comes to elections, as they are the ones who will be voting. Elections normally occur every four years in the game, and will take up to six months to complete and reach a decision. This is the voting period, after which the number of votes are counted.

After the results are out, the political power levels of the Interest Groups in your nation will be adjusted according to them. There are two types of elections that are to elect either a leader or a political party. These are dictated by the laws that you have set in place. If you have a leader who is elected, you will need to pay close attention to elections. This is because the image of the leader matters and can affect your country directly, as opposed to a political party without a face.  

With the conclusion of the election, you will be able to reform your government without having to worry about Radicalism from Interest Groups who have been forced into the opposition. As the people have voted for the results, they will accept your reforms without much hassle. This is also a great way to improve your nation’s Legitimacy.

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