Valheim – How to Make Sausage

Valheim - How To Make Sausage

Besides the Cooked Serpent Meat, the Sausage is the best food to increase the stamina and health in Valheim. Like all items in the game including food, you have to gather a lot of resources to craft the item. Luckily, it is easier to make with most of the resources required for the recipe easily available except one, which you need to find. Another requirement to craft Sausage in Valheim is the Cauldron. So, ensure that you have made the Cauldron before you proceed with the Sausage. Keep scrolling and we will show you how to make Sausage in Valheim

How to Make Sausage in Valheim

To make Sausage in Valheim, you need access to the Cauldron. Once, you have the item, you can open the Cauldron Menu and select the Craft option to produce the Sausage. The resources required to make the item includes 4 Thistles, 1 Raw Meat, and 2 Entails.

You would have access to Raw Meat, which could be obtain by killing a boar or dear. The Thistle can be found in the Black Forest or the Swamp biome. They are bright blueish-green and are hard to miss on the ground. While you are in the Swamps, look for Draugr and kill them, you will get the Entails. After you have the recipe items, head to the Cauldron, select Sausage and click on Craft.

Craft Sausage Valheim

As mentioned earlier, the Sausage is a super food when it comes to stamina and health. It provide a max stamina of 40 and max strength of 60. It is light weight with just 0.5, so you can carry a lot of it. The effect of eating it lasts for nearly half an hour and heals 3hp per tick.

So, that’s how to craft Sausage in Valheim. Check out the game category to craft other items using the Cauldron and how to beat all bosses in the game.

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