V Rising – How to Make and Use Glass

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There are always many things to make in Survival Games, and players need those items for some reason or another. In V Rising also, players need to make a lot of items, and Glass is one among those. Glass is one of the essential items players need in V Rising, and this guide will help you know how you can make Glass in V Rising.

Crafting Glass in V Rising- How to Do?

If you have played survival games like Minecraft before, you have seen glass there and know the use of glass. The use is not very different in V Rising. In this game also, players need glass to make their windows so that they can see the outside world clearly from inside the castle. In addition, you can use glass to decorate your castle and make it fashionable. Except for these, glass can be used to complete some quests. 

If you are playing V Rising, you are already aware that there are a lot of things you can get in the game, like, Iron, Copper, Quartz, etc., and Quartz is needed to make Glass in V Rising. However, quartz is not a very common resource to get. Instead, players will get Quartz from some specific locations-Dunley Farmlands, Cursed Forest and Silverlight Hills. Once you collect enough Quartz, you can start making Glass using the in-game crafting system. In V Rising, Quartz is one of the most important resources to collect. So if you need it or not, collect quartz whenever you get an opportunity.

You need to beat Christina the Sun Priestess to unlock the recipe to make glass. Once the recipe has been unlocked, you can craft it in the furnace.

That’s all you need to know about making and using Glass in V Rising. If you are also looking for glass but haven’t yet figured out how to make it, check out our guide for help.

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