V Rising Confined Castle Room Explained

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V Rising is a vampire-themed survival game with many new features added, making it different from the other survival games. Because V Rising is a survival game, players need to complete quests, gather resources, build and craft items, weapons, etc., to progress through the game and protect themselves from the enemies.

Confined Castle Room is a part of the main questline that players need to complete. This guide will help you know how to build a Confined Castle Room.

How to Build Confined Castle Room in V Rising?

In V Rising, players play as vampires who can’t roam around outside during the daytime. Sunlight is harmful to them. It can turn them into ashes. So, the castle is an excellent shelter for the players to hide from sunlight during the day. But you can’t build a roof on the castle, at least in the early game, until you get Palisades.

While progressing through the main quest, you’ll get a task that requires you to build a castle room by laying on the floors and build a roof on it. This task lets you make the Confined Castle Room in V Rising. You don’t need to build a big room; instead, build a standard one.  Follow the below steps to make a Confined Castle Room-

  1. You need Planks and Stone Bricks to build a room.
  2. Set up a Sawmill and a Grinder to get these two materials.
  3. Once you gather enough Stone Bricks and Planks, go to a corner of your castle. You can select the place according to your preferences.
  4. Now, imitate the Palisade walls, and pillars with Reinforced Walls to make the room’s structure.
  5. Set up a Reinforced Entrance and floors to complete the structure.
  6. Last, put the roof on the top, and your Confined Castle Room is ready.

That’s all you need to know about building a Confined Castle Room in V Rising. If you are stuck in the task and don’t figure out how to complete it, check out our guide for help.

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