The next 7-star Tera Raid pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet revealed

 The next 7-star Tera Raid pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet revealed

The fan favourite Greninja is going to be the next 7-star Tera raid boss pokemon. The third 7-star tera raid battle is coming on January 27th to 29th and February 10th to 12th.

It was revealed by Serebii on Twitter that Greninja will be the next -7-star Tera Raid battle. You can check the tweet below.

Link to the tweet by Serebii: 

Greninja will follow Charizard and Cinderace to become the third 7-star Tera Raid Boss. It is also revealed that Greninja is Poison-type in a 7-star Teraraid battle. 

Greninja will have “ The Mightiest mark” which means the player can only catch it once for each game save file.

Greninja was not found in the Paldea region so it was not possible to catch one until now.

Greninja is usually a water/dark-type pokemon which was previously released in Pokemon X/Y. Greninja is the final evolution of Froakie.  

The 7-star Tera Raid battle is quite challenging and requires trainers to team up and defeat the raid boss to catch the pokemon. This time it is going to be Greninja in Tera form and becoming poison tera type. 7-star Tera raids are event-exclusive raids which only unlock on special events. 

Greninja will be a tough opponent to defeat as it is level 100 and a pure poison tera type. So which pokemon type or pokemon will be helpful in countering this tera raid battle?

It is speculated that Psychic and Water types will be the best counter and pokemon like Toxicroack, Vaporean, and Clodsire will be the best option. All of the pokemon mentioned above have high defense and will heal against water attacks by Greninja (Clodsire and Vaporean) with the help of Water absorb and Toxicroack will heal with an ability called dry skin.

Toxicroack is also the same dual-type as Greninja so it will resist Greninja’s dark type as well. It also has a good moveset like swords dance and Earthquake to deal good damage to Greninja.

There are also 2 new Tera Raid battles coming on January 20th to 22nd. The new 4-star and 5-star Tera raid will feature Drifloon in Pokemon Scarlet and Mismagius in Pokemon Violet. 

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