The GeForce RTX 4070 and 4080 Might See VRAM Bumps

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Nvidia launched the RTX 3070 and the RTX 3080 with 8GB and 10GB of VRAM respectively. But, soon enough the industry realized that 8GB of VRAM might become insufficient soon enough as 9th generation video games started to scale massively in terms of system usage. Nvidia, thereby, has launched a 12GB variant of the RTX 3080, and every GPU launched from then has come with at least 8GB of VRAM with the RTX 3060 packing 12GB.

But, the company might want to fix these problems with the RTX 40 series. The renowned Twitter leaker, @kopite7kimi, recently tweeted that although the RTX 4090 might come with 24GB of GDDR6X memory, the RTX 4070 will come with 12GB of the same standard. Previous leaks have suggested that the RTX 4080 might sport 16GB of VRAM, so we have a complete spec list as follows.

GeForce RTX 4090GeForce RTX 4080GeForce RTX 4070
GPU NameAD102AD103AD104
VRAM Speed21GbpsN/A18Gbps
Rated TDP600W450W300W

The RTX 4090 seems to see a minor bump when it comes to VRAM. The new card is supposed to come with a 384-bit memory interface, like the current-gen flagship, the RTX 3090 Ti. This will enable the card to have a bandwidth of up to 1 TBps. This is only a 7.7% higher memory bandwidth as compared to the RTX 3090.

The RTX 4080, however, is seeing a bump to 16GB from the 10GB its predecessor initially launched with. Nvidia later bumped up the VRAM on the RTX 3080 to 12GB with a subsequent release. But, the RTX 4080 is supposed to benefit from an increased CUDA core count. Twitter leaker kopite7kimi believes that this increase in CUDA cores will come with an increase in the total TDP up to RTX 3090 levels.

The RTX 4070 will also follow the trail of its bigger brothers and it is supposed to come with 12GB of 18Gbps GDDR6 memory. This will make its memory much faster than the current-gen RTX 3070, which has 8GB of 14Gbps GDDR6 memory.

Overall, the RTX 40 series is going to be an interesting launch to look out for.

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