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Sons of the Forest is very similar to its prequel, The Forest, and you can get various equipment to help you. While some of the items you can get in the early game, others will require more planning. One of the more difficult items to get in the game is the shovel, but once you do you can dig up areas that will hold resources. In this guide, we will see how to get a shovel in Sons of the Forest.

How to Get Shovel in Sons of the Forest

You can find some of the equipment while exploring caves and secret areas, and one of the harder ones to get is the Shovel. Here we will see where to find the shovel in Sons of the Forest.

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A shovel is an essential tool that will help you dig up resources. You will also need it for certain quests during your exploration. Unfortunately, you cannot get the shovel in the early game, since it requires you to head over to dangerous territories. You will also need to equip yourself better before you venture out.

Where to get the Rope Gun and Rebreather in Sons of the Forest

You should first get a Rope Gun and a Rebreather since the place you have to go and get the shovel is quite hard to reach. You can find the Rebreather in the first cave you enter, which is just south of the crash site.

The Rope Gun, on the other hand, will require you to venture out into a more dangerous cave. The cave you should be looking for is beside the cave that has the 3D printer. You also need weapons, since the area will be swarming with mutants. Also, keeping some explosives and flares on you will help you reach blocked areas. The cave is pretty dark, so having a torch is also essential. The cave is not too complicated to maneuver your way around, and you can find the Rope Gun in no time.

Shovel Cave Location in Sons of the Forest

Keep yourself armed with weapons, the rebreather, and the rope gun. You will also need other essential items like food, med packs, and torches. After that, head over to the center of the map, there is a cave here that you need to enter to get the shovel. The cave can be spotted close to the base of the snowy hill. You will know it is the right cave if you spot three impaled corpses at the entrance.

To find the shovel, you have to go deep into the cave with the help of the Rope Gun. You will reach several deep water areas, where you have to whip out your rebreather and get across. It is a long journey, but the tunnels are straightforward, and at the end of the cave you will get the shovel.

That’s all there is to know about getting a shovel in Sons of the Forest. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well.

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