Sniper Elite 5: How to Unlock All Snipers

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Sniper Elite 5 contains various new features and gameplay upgrades, as well as a diverse arsenal of weapons, including handguns and, you guessed it, sniper rifles. While certain firearms are given to players at the beginning of the game, the remainder must be earned.

Sniper Elite 5 has a large number of weapons for your loadout, however, the majority of them must be unlocked. Some weapons may be obtained simply by finishing missions, while others must be obtained by accomplishing the difficult Kill Challenges that appear throughout missions.

This article will show you how to unlock all of the sniper guns in Sniper Elite 5, allowing eager gamers to see if they are actually exceptional sharpshooters. We’ve also gone through how to finish Missions 2 and 7 to get the Karabiner 98 and RSC 1918, respectively.

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Unlocking All Snipers in Sniper Elite 5

As previously stated, there are presently six sniper guns available in the game. Some of them will be given to you right away, but others will need you to fulfil specified quests. Each of the six sniper guns and the objectives necessary to unlock them in Sniper Elite 5 are mentioned below. 

Once unlocked, you can modify and personalise your rifle using any of the Workbenches accessible on each level.

SnipersWhen to Unlock
M.1903Unlocked from the beginning
SREM-1Available from the start
Gewehr 1943Finish Mission 3 
Karabiner 98Complete Mission 2’s Kill Challenge (crush him with one of the Chateau’s chandeliers)
M1A CarbineFinish Mission 5 
RSC 1918Finish Mission 7 Kill Challenge (Kill the target with a V2 major)

Completing Mission 2:

Kill the target and transport them beneath a chandelier in the Chateau Castle’s east hall. Then, fire the chains that support the chandelier above to crush and kill the victim.

Completing Mission 7: 

Kill the target and transport him beneath the V2 rocket in the building’s wind tunnel. You may either blast the rocket’s hinges or use the switch upstairs to drop it on his body.

Finally, each level has three Workbenches, one for each type of weapon: sniper rifles, secondary weapons, and handguns. The Sniper Rifle Workbench may be found by looking for the golden symbol on the map.

When you are approaching the Workbench, this icon will show. Once located, you may use it to get your freshly unlocked sniper rifle and begin customising it to your preference.

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