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Sea of Thieves – The Dark Desires Commendation Walkthrough Guide

Sea of Thieves - How To Get The Dark Desires Commendation

Getting the Dark Desires Commendation takes a lot of work in Sea of Thieves. The commendation itself can be unlocked by a very simple step, but to reach the point where you can get it takes you through a huge part of the Dark Brethren Tall Tale. Nevertheless, it’s worth it. The commendation is not the main part of the quest, it’s something that you can get as you are going through the Tall Tale. Stick around and we will guide you through Dark Brethren Tall Tale and show you how to unlock Dark Desires Commendation in Sea of Thieves.

How to Unlock Dark Desires Commendation in Sea of Thieves

To unlock or get Dark Desires Commendation in Sea of Thieves, start by beginning the Dark Brethren Tall Tale. Go to the Coral Fortress and get in. Reach the Coral Fortress. You will come across the Organ Puzzle, solve it. As soon as the puzzle is solved, you will be attacked by waves of enemies. As you defend against each wave of enemies, one by one all the siren statues will glow red and finally the door behind the Flying Dutchman will open. From here on, you need to watch out for a specific sign where you can get the Dark Desires Commendation.

Dark Desires Commendation

Continue with the quest and eventually you will come upon a second siren statue puzzle. Once you solve the puzzle, you will encounter a water slide that takes you to the next room. This is the area where you can unlock the Dark Desires Commendation.

As you use the water slide to get to the next area, you will immediately come upon an ongoing conversation. Maintain your stealth as you are supposed to eavesdrop on the Brethren Court’s conversation. Stay and listen in on the conversation for about 3 minutes and you will unlock the Dark Desires Commendation.  

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