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Sea of Thieves Players are Getting Kegged by Invisible Players in Season 7 – Keg Hack?

Sea of Thieves Players are Getting Kegged by Invisible Players in Season 7

Kegs are a fun way to take out other players, destroy their ships, and cause mayhem in general. After the recent update for Season 7 in Sea of Thieves, there has been growing reports of invisible player or players kegging the ships, stealing loot, and killing players. There are multiple reports currently spread across Twitter and other forums, so there is certainly something fishy going on.

Hacks in games are rampant, but the Sea of Thieves community was far less impacted than some other Battle Royale games. Invisibility is one of the most common hacks currently found on the web. If you perform a simple Google search, you can find websites advertising the “100%” working invisible hack for free. We advise that you stay clear of such sites as they may bring more trouble than you might expect.

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One user reported on Twitter that they got randomly kegged with no player in sight. The player spawned again and was kegged again losing all the loot. As I browsed through Reddit, I saw at least 4 different posts where people are complaining about being kegged by an invisible player. One user even managed to record the entire ordeal.

The game has a way of telling if another player has kegged you. If the said happens, you get a pink flame. Users who encountered the hack have confirmed they received the pink flame upon death, which further supports that people are using the invisible hack in Sea of Thieves.

Sea of Thieves community is not accustomed to these types of hacks and in fact, no such thing has ever happened in the past, which may point towards the whole thing being a bug. But, until Rare responds to the issue, there is no way to tell.

We will keep an eye on the issue and update the post when we have more news from the devs or the kegging issue escalates.    

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