Psychonauts 2 – How to Unlock Fast Travel

Harsh Clif
Harsh Clif

While Psychonauts 2 is not an open world, it’s still pretty large, and running back and forth between the different locations may not be ideal. Fortunately, the game has fast travel, but you do not have access to it from the start. You will reach a point in the story when an NPC will introduce you to the mechanics. Stick with the guide and we will show you how to fast travel in Psychonauts 2 and all the fast travel locations.

How to Unlock Fast Travel in Psychonauts 2

You will be able to unlock fast travel when you meet Lili during a cutscene. It happens soon after the Second Head assigns you to the mailroom. You will see Lili sprint from a hatch on the floor. Soon after the cutscene, the protagonist will inquire about the new way to travel. Lili will then explain the process and give access to Razputin to the Otto B.O.N.

Once that happens, you would have unlocked fast travel in the game. You will be able to travel to various places in Motherlobe, the Quarry, The Questionable Area, etc.

When you want to use fast travel in the game, go to Otto B.O.N top. Here, you will be able to view and pick a fast travel location. You can even add more locations for fast travel, but for that, you need to visit the place on foot first. As you continue with the story, you will unlock a lot of new locations to fast travel.

All Fast Travel Locations in Psychonauts 2

Here are all the fast travel locations in Psychonauts 2 that we currently know.

  • Atrium
  • Intern Wing
  • Otto’s Lab
  • Sasha’s Lab
  • Psychoisolation Chamber
  • Truman’s Grotto
  • QA Parking Lot
  • The Quarry
  • The Questionable Area     

That’s all we have in this guide. Hope you know everything about fast traveling in Psychonauts 2. Check out the game category for more informative guides and tips to play the game.  

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