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Pokemon Unite – How to Unlock Blastoise

Pokemon Unite How to Unlock Blastoise

Blastoise is a much-adored Pokemon in a range of games of the franchise. The character is finally available for players to use after yesterday’s patch. Blastoise is a water-type Pokemon that’s known for its defensive abilities, in particular ranged abilities. You will still have to start with Squirtle, which is the base level of the Pokemon, and evolve it into Blastoise. Stick with the post and we will show you how to unlock Blastoise in Pokemon Unite and its moveset and build.

How to Unlock Blastoise in Pokemon Unite

To unlock Blastoise in Pokemon Unite you need to use the Unite Battle Committee store, like every other Pokemon in the game. The cost of the Pokemon in the store is 460 Aeos Gems or 8,000 Aeos Coins. You can either choose to purchase the Pokemon instantly by investing real money to buy the Aeos Gems from the store or work in the game to complete objectives and events to earn the Aeos Coins. So, these are the two ways you can pay for Blastoise and get it on your team.

Blastoise Moveset in Pokemon Unite

As with all Pokemons in the game, you start at the base level, which for Blastoise is Squirtle. You start each match as Squirtle and you can evolve it into to max and reach Blastoise. Squirtle becomes Wartortle at Lv. 5 and finally reaches Blastoise at Lv. 9. At each level, the Pokemon has a different moveset.

When you start as Squirtle, you have two moveset Water Gun and Skull Bash. The water gun is a ranged attack, while the Skull Bash is a close attack. When Squirtle becomes Wartortle at level 5, it has two attacks Hydro Pump and Water Sprout.

At level 7, you will be able to add a new skill and develop the Skull Bash into either Surf or Rapid Spin. Choose either one depending on your playstyle.

At level 9, you will get Blastoise and a new powerful move – Hydro Typhoon. With this area attack, Blastoise will spin and spout water to hit targets in all directions. While Blastoise is performing the move it will be protected against attacks.

So, these are the Blastoise moveset in Pokemon Unite and how to unlock the Pokemon in the game.       

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