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Fix Pokemon Unite ‘A log-in error occurred’

Fix Pokemon Unite ‘A log-in error occurred'

The Pokemon franchise is very popular on all platforms mainly because of the animation series. Recently, Pokemon Unite launched on Switch and it’s gaining in popularity. But, a lot of players who jump to play the game are getting the Pokemon Unite ‘A log-in error occurred. Please restart the game’ error. For some reason, the game does not function desirably on the Wi-Fi. So, if you have been facing Pokemon Unite connection errors, it’s most likely due to the Wi-Fi.

Before you proceed with the solutions, we suggest that you reboot the Switch. In most cases, a simple reboot of the client will allow you to enter the game without the log-in error. But, failing that here are some other solutions.

How to Fix Pokemon Unite ‘A log-in error occurred’

Pokemon Unite is an always-online game, which makes it essential that you log in before you play. However, an error preventing that can have you not playing the game for good, but the good news is there is a work-around.

The “A log-in error occurred. Please restart the game” error in Pokemon Go seems to be tied to the Wi-Fi internet for a lot of players. As such, try to play the game using the mobile hotspot. A lot of users reported that using the mobile hotspot fixed the issue.

And there’s an even better workaround shared by a user that does not require your hotspot for the entire session of the game, but just the initial phase. Here is what you need to do.

  1. Have your Switch connection to the Wi-Fi
  2. Create a hotspot connection from your mobile device and connect to the switch (ensure that both the Wi-Fi and the Hotspot are connectable and not turned off )
  3. Now, with the mobile hotspot connected to switch, launch Pokemon Unite
  4. When you get past the title screen and into your profile and other menus, turn off the hotspot (not from the switch but from your mobile.)
  5. You switch should automatically reconnect to the home Wi-Fi.

That’s it, now you are good to go. But, failing that there may be other issues that are preventing your play and leading to the Pokemon Unite ‘A log-in error occurred’ error.

If there are problems with the Pokemon Unite services that may be the cause of the issue. So, check the server status of Pokemon Unite. Also, ensure that you are playing on the latest version of the game. A mismatch between the client and server version can also create problems. Ensure that the game is updated.    

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