Pet Simulator X Value List [Lucky Block] Diamond Prices May 2023

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Pet Simulator X is a popular Roblox game where players can collect and upgrade various pets. They can also explore different locations and collect different eggs. Pets can help players get rare materials like Diamonds and gold. Players can even buy many pets in the game and also pet in their other 3 forms as well (Dark matter form, Golden Form and Rainbow Form). This guide will show you Pet Simulator X Value List [Lucky Block] (May 2023) – Diamond Prices. 

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Pet Simulator X Value List [Lucky Block] (May 2023) – Diamond Prices

Here is the whole list of pets which players can get in the game and also their different forms: 

Pet NameNormal FormGolden FormRainbow FormDark Matter Form 
Titanic Tiedye Dragon20T60T240T
Titanic Tiedye Cat20T60T240T
Party Squirrel300M900M3.6B
Party Shark400M1.2B4.8B
Party Penguin250B750B3B
Huge Party Penguin90B270B1.08T
Update Hype Gift 3 (Penguin1.5B
Lucki Cat100,000300,0001.2M4M
Lucki Monkey500,0001.5M6M20M
Lucki Tiger20M60M240M800M
Huge Chroma Lucky Block Mimic100B300B1.2T
Huge Chroma Lucki85B255B1.02T
Jelly Panda1.4B4.2B16.8B
Jelly Pig1.9B5.7B22.8B
Jelly Corgi1.1B3.3B13.2B
Huge Jelly Corgi60B180B720B
Huge Jelly Pig75B225B900B
Titanic Jelly Cat20T
Exclusive Jelly Egg10B
Pinata Monkey500,0001.5M6M20M
Sombrero Axolotl100M300M1.2B4B
Huge Sombrero Chihuahua140B420B1.68T
Huge BIG Maskot37B111B444B
Pinata Cat50,000150,000600,0002M
Pinata Dog100,000300,0001.2M4M
Safari Dog100M300M1.2B
Huge Safari Dog105B315B1.25T
Sombrero Cat300,000900,0003.6M12M
Sombrero Chihuahua10M30M120M400M
Huge Pinata Cat95B285B1.14T
Huge Evolved Hacked Cat105B315B1.26T
Huge Evolved King Cobra90B270B1.08T
Huge Evolved Pterodactyl85B255B1.02T
Huge Evolved Pixel Cat80B240B960B
Huge Evolved Peacock100B300B1.2T
Huge White Balloon Dragon255B765B3.06T
Cool Corgi2B6B24B
Comet Cyclops700M2.1B8.4B
Sailor Narwhal90,000270,0001.08M3.6M 

There are many more pets but these are the most relevant pets players can find in the game. 

That’s all you need to know about  Pet Simulator X Value List [Lucky Block] (May 2023) – Diamond Prices. If you find this guide helpful, you can check our website for more such guides and news about Pet Simulator X and various other games. 

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