Pac-Man 99 – How to Play with Friends

Pac-Man 99 is the new battle royale game exclusively for Nintendo Switch. From first look, the game appears confusing at best, but when you get accustomed to the mechanics, the game appears to be promising. Fortunately, there is nothing complex about playing the game with your friends. It’s a simple process, here is how to play Pac-Man 99 with friends.

How to Play with Friends in Pac-Man 99

One of the prerequisite to play PC-Man 99 with friends or to set up a private match is to purchase either the PAC-MAN 99 Mode Unlock or the PAC-MAN 99 Deluxe Pack. Once you have one of these purchased, it will unlock the Password Match, which allows you to set-up private match. Here is how to play with friends on Pac-Man 99.

  1. Restart the game and highlight Pac-Mam 99 icon
  2. Now, press the X button and accept the prompt
  3. Set a six digit password
  4. You can now share this password with your friend.

How to Join a Pac-Man 99 Private Match

After you have shared the password, the other player will need to follow the same step as above to enter the password and join the lobby.   

So, that’s all you need to do to play the game with your friends.    

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