Pac-Man 99

Pac-Man 99 – How to Increase Speed

Pac-Man 99 - How to Increase Speed

Speed is an important part of Pac-Man. It allows you to move faster across the board in Pac-Man 99. However, it’s not a new mechanics and veteran players will be all too familiar with it. Moving faster will allow you to escape Ghosts and get out of trouble while providing you an advantage. But, first you need to know how to increase speed in Pac-Man 99. If you observe at the left side of the screen, you will notice a speed stat. Here is what you need to know about speeding up in Pac-Man 99.

How to Increase Speed in Pac-Man 99

As with most of the other mechanics in Pac-Man 99, the game tells you nothing about increasing the speed. If you continue playing the game normally, you will never be able to get more speed. When you start the game, the speed stat is zero. There are a few ways you can increase speed in Pac-Man 99.

When the Pac-Man eats the power pallet at the corner of the maze, there is a chance it can get the faster buff. The other buffs available are Stronger, Train, and Standard. If you get the Faster buff when consuming the power pallet, you movement speed will double, but it comes at a cost. The attack gets lowered by 75%.   

Besides power ups, eating the dots will increase the speed of the Pac-Man. You can continue to eat the dots until you cannot handle the speed anymore or the game is over. When travelling fast, be careful when eating a fruit as the maze can get repopulated and the speed can become a disadvantage.

So, there are the two ways to increase speed in Pac-Man 99.

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