Pac-Man 99 All Power-Ups and How to Use

Pac-Man 99 can be a confusing game at first, especially if you have played the old Pac-Man and have that image in your mind. The Pac-Man 99 is a Nintendo Switch exclusive and a battle royal game, meaning you will be competing with other players. Unlike the classic Pac-Man, you don’t just have to survive here, but attack the enemies as well. Pac-Man 99 is not the most communicating game in terms of mechanics. One of the things you can miss easily is the power ups. The power ups are basically powers that you can use in your game to your advantage. In the post, we will let you know about all power ups in Pac-Man 99 and how to use them.

How to Use Pac-Man 99 All Power Ups

There are several power ups in Pac-Man 99 that makes clearing the board, eating power pallets, and eating fruits effective. Here are the power ups.

Power UpEffectDescription
Clear the boardThe Pac-Man gets a speed boost when the board is cleared.The speed of the Pac Man goes up by 1 and the effect stacks up whenever the board is cleared.
Power PelletsTurn ghosts in eatable blue shapesThe power pallet at the fourth corner of the screen has the power pallet. It has a variety of effects besides those on the ghost. Eating them will also clear the transparent Pac Men sent by other players. Eating the Power Pallet will also get you one of four buffs – Faster, Stronger, Train, and Standard.    
Eating FruitRestore all board piecesWhen the Pac Man eats the fruit at the centre of the board, it restores all board pieces. Everything starts from scratch such as the orbs and power pallets. There are various types of fruits with different effects. Cherry for clearing the board, strawberry restores pallets, orange restores ¾ of the board.

So, these are the Pac-Man 99 All Power-Ups that you need to be aware of and take advantage of while playing the game. Eating the Power Pallets should be the goal as it provides varied types of buff that can change the game in your favor.

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