Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2: How Does AMD FidelityFX CAS Work?

Modern Warfare 2 How Does AMD FidelityFX CAS Work

Every new COD game brings tons of new content to cover, and Modern Warfare 2 is no exception. The gameplay of Modern Warfare 2 brings lots of new content and breaks certain traditions. Among the new features the game brought, AMD FidelityFX CAS is one of the most important to understand. If you have no idea about what it is and how it works, this guide will help you know everything about AMD FidelityFX CAS in Modern Warfare 2.

AMD FidelityFX CAS in Modern Warfare 2- How to Do?

The name itself says that AMD FidelityFX CAS is not a game mode or in-game feature. Instead, it is a graphics setting that players should turn on or off based on their preferences. CAS means the Contrast Adaptive Sharpening feature. To be precise, AMD FidelityFX CAS is an upscaling technology that helps the players to adjust their FPS and visual performance by sharpening Pixels. It sharpens the dull pixels and maintains the level of the sharp pixels to provide an even level of detail across the screen.

If you want the highest FPS and resolution in Modern Warfare 2, follow the steps below- 

  1. Go to the Settings
  2. Navigate to Graphics
  3. Select Post Processing Effect
  4. Find the AMD FidelityFX CAS, turn it on or off, and set the in-game strength.

That’s all you need to know to turn on AMD FidelityFX CAS in Modern Warfare 2. Once you turn it on and start playing the game, you’ll see the difference. Adjust its strength until you are satisfied with the feature. In games like COD, adjusting FPS and graphics quality is pretty necessary to play the game smoothly, and when you can do it by following only a few easy steps, it’ll be a great advantage for the players.

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