Magic Abilities and Vampire Powers Explained – V Rising

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V Rising, Stunlock Studios’ next open-world vampire strategy game, will be launched on Steam Early Access on May 17th. Furthermore, the creators have just updated their blog with details on the game’s global map and the surroundings.

Stunlock describes V Rising’s gothic universe as “a celebration of horror,” delving into the game’s mythology with the landscapes in rich detail, while simultaneously charting your path as a budding vampire ruler aiming to raise their army.

V Rising starts when you emerge from millennia of slumber with a growling stomach and a craving for the crimson stuff. The emphasis is on being as powerful as possible, either alone or as part of a clan of four. You’ll slaughter people, transform into various beasts, construct a castle, battle vampire hunters, and strip-mine several hundred acres of lush woods to create that beautiful armoire with the matching end table you’ve been eyeing.

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Magic Abilities in V Rising

You’ll unlock several magic spells that may be assigned to your action bar after killing powerful V Blood opponents. You’ll be able to mix and combine spells from up to five distinct categories, including Blood, Unholy, Illusion, Chaos, and Frost, to construct a devastating armoury of weapons and abilities that properly fit your playing style.

There’s something for everyone, whether you’re seeking the Freezing effect of Frost spells or the passive burn effect of Chaos spells. You can choose one Travel Ability, two Basic Abilities, and an Ultimate Ability from your action bar. These four magical talents are in addition to the three unique weapon abilities that each weapon type provides.

Vampire Powers in V Rising

There are 10 different Vampire Powers that may be acquired through completing Quests and battling V Blood bearers. These powers may then be assigned to the Action Wheel and triggered at will to improve your vampire’s abilities.

Many of these powers may improve your resistance to elements and damage absorbed, regenerate your health, shapeshift into numerous forms that can conceal you from humans, increase your travel speed, and more.

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