Madden NFL 22 – How to Spin

Tim Blisz
Tim Blisz

The Spin is one of Football’s basic tackles used to bypass players and gain some extra yard. For those that are unfamiliar, the Spin involves holding the ball in two hands and getting in contact with the defender using your shoulder, and then spinning sideways to get past them. As you continue to play Madden 22, you will find this technique quite useful. Performing the Spin is quite simple. Stick with the post and we will show you how to spin in Madden 22.

How to Spin in Madden NFL 22

The Spin much like other tackle techniques in Madden 22 requires timing for perfect execution. When attempting to perform the move, ensure that there is sufficient space between defenders and there is some distance between the ball holder and the defender.

To perform the Spin in Madden 22, you need to press the O button in PS4 and PS5 or you can rotate the RS to perform the Spin. On Xbox, the control for the Spin is the ‘B’ button or rotating RS. When it comes to ease of usage, the RS is easier to control to use in a game, but you have two options and depending on your choice, you can use them to perform the Spin.

That’s all we have in this quick guide, check out the game category for more informative guides and tips to play the game.

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