Fix Madden 22 Franchise Mode Final Score Bug

Tim Blisz
Tim Blisz

Madden NFL 22 is a Football simulator from EA. The game has often been accused of having much the same content as the previous title, but that stands true for a lot of sports simulators. The new title Madden 22 includes a lot of new things that fans can be excited about. For one, the most popular Franchise mode is bringing some much demanded old features such as Coach Progression, skill and talent tree system, home-field advantage, scouting enhancements, and much more.

While all the new features are great, the response from players is frustration caused by the Madden 22 Franchise Mode Final Score Bug. Users are reporting that they continue to lose matches when the final score comes when in fact they have won the matches.

Resetting everything in the hopes to avoid the glitch does not help, you end up with the same final score. A user on Reddit has reported that he spent several hours settings up the franchise and played Week 1 to secure a win of 47-20, but the final score he got was 20-0. He reset everything and started from scratch to win with 24-17, but the final score was again bugged with a loss of 0-17.

The problem is it’s not just one user, but there are several threads on both Reddit and EA complaining of the same issue with the game.

What’s even more frustrating is the response users are getting when they contacted EA support. A user on Reddit reported that the support said, bugs are expected with a game release. A second response a different user got was to wait for the game to release and see if the bug persists.

There was a new patch for the game about 24 hours back, but that does not seem to have addressed the random botched final score for users. At the time, it appears EA and Madden 22 team is turning a blind eye to the issue. Either because they have more pressing matters or they think that only a small number of users are impacted by the issue.

The game is set to release in the next 24 hours so it remains to be seen if the bug has been fixed or will it continue to haunt players. We will keep an eye on the situation and update the post when something new emerges. Meanwhile, if the bug is resolved for you when the game releases or any time after, let us know in the comments.

Workaround  for Madden 22 Franchise Mode Final Score

This post originally didn’t have any workaround because at the time there weren’t any. Over time, there are quite a number of workaround that have appeared claiming to fix the bug. Before you go ahead with the solutions, you should know that most of these don’t work and the real problem is with the game. However, with some luck, we hope they help you as some users have claimed to fix the Madden 22 Franchise bug after trying the fix.

  1. Go to Customize > Share and Manage Files > Load and Delete Files. Deelete all the fines you see under Profile and Roster. It’s a solution suggest by the EA Support on Twitter.
  2. If the game is installed and saved on an external hard drive, deleting the save data from the conosle may help with the bug.
  3. Opt for the Cloud Save instead of local/offline. This may not be possible for players who have progressed far into the game, but if you can afford it, start over and choose the cloud save.
  4. The real porblem with the game appears to be the desync bug that disconnects the client from the server causing a loss for the players. You can try to reset the router/modem in the hopes of fixing the porblem, but the real issue behind it is probabaly the servers.

So, these are the known solutions at the time. Hopefully, one of them helps you fix the bug, but the real solution has to come from EA. Given how widespread the bug is and that EA has not addressed it yet, the problem appears to be quite deep into the game.

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  • I bought the new madden 22 game for my husband for Christmas and he doesnt play on line and he will win and it shows he didnt win i took game back to store and they wont even give you a refund i gave good money for this i am so disappointed

  • I love franchise mode and I’ve been playing since it was only Madden. It makes me so upset that when I make the playoffs and win that my season is over because of a glitch saying I lost. I don’t play online. I like playing offline.anf it’s still a issue. It’s so freaking frustrating

  • Not only does it give u loss or change the score. But it doesn’t even keep up with your stats for the season. Says I have 0yards on offense and I’m in week 5. This can’t be legal. A refund must be issued to all who has bought this game

  • Yea same thing had a franchise started with the 49ers. Only lost like once in the season said I had 4 loses. Didn’t realize it till I was in week 17. Then I won on a last second touchdown in the wild card round. Get outta the game and I lost and pretty sure I may have gotten fired for it cuz I tried to upgrade my players and it said you need a team to upgrade. Like they need to figure this out franchise is all I ever play

  • Literally happened to me 4 times in one season smh just had me “lose” in the divisional round after winning 42-17

  • We need to show EA that this kínd of broken game is unacceptable, stop buying the game or any game from them. They dont even respond and aknowledge the situation.
    This is frustrating and we’re obviusly robbed.

  • Happened to me too. Won 21-7. Said I lost 7-0. Can’t turn that game back on till it’s fixed. Ruined the whole vibe.

    • Yep, it’s such a major bug in the game and EA won’t even acknowledge the issue, let alone fix it. This morning I checked Twitter to see if there was something about the issue, but nothing yet even though users are reporting issues like hell on each thread.

  • Same here. I bought the disc version yesterday and just won 45-35 and it gave me a loss of 35-0. I only play Franchise mode and this is very disappointing cause there is no reason to even play the game if it is going to give you losses for wins.

  • Same type of bug, offline franchise using green bay. I traded a 2022 third round pick for Cobb, faced Texans in first preseason game twice won 47 – 10, then 38 – 14. After selecting finish game it loaded back and score was 10-0 Texans win.. both times. WTH, how on earth does a bug like this even get to a launch version of a sports game?!

    • A bug like this should not exist and the worst it was there from the early access without acknowledgment and it seems to have transferrred to the final launch.

  • Yep, just got the game today and the 1st game i won by 70…but it says i won 20-0…then like the 5th game i won by 40 or so and it says i lost 20-0….it is freaking stupid!!! hope they fix this as i do want to play a lot before school starts on monday!!!!

  • The same thing has been happening to me. I decided to email Andrew Wilson, the CEO of EA. If this was the auto industry I would say that EA sold me a lemon. I only play Franchise mode and this error makes it unplayable. EA has sold us a game with a critical error that makes it unplayable. If you feel like EA is stealing your money that’s because they are stealing your money.

    This is nothing but a reskin. The staff feature is ok but it’s very similar to what EA did in NCAA Football 2014. I don’t think that the MADDEN division at EA has a quality control division.

    If you want to email Andrew to complain his email address is

    • I won with Steelers over Bengals 27 to 10 and went to play another game said I lost 37-0 reset game game problem I love to play cpu vs cpu offline in franchise. If they not gonna fix they should give money back in 61 years old can’t afford to lose money.

  • The same thing happened to me and I paid a lot of money to play early for hours and hours well It happened the 2nd preseason game I lost and it said I won and then in the 2nd regular season game I won and it said I lost so with that I have turned the game off completely since it is the only mode I enjoy and now im just sad that I cant play and feel completely robbed of my money since it is a completely broken game.

  • The final score is messed up but it also wipes ur stats for that game for example I won a game 24-17 and the scores stayed surprisingly but when I went into the games states because the coach said I didn’t do what I was suppose to do even know I did the team as a whole had 0 for stats please ea fix this I love franchise mode why I bought early but man I can’t even play

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