Samsung Display Announces New QD-OLED 77″ with 2,000 Nits Peak Brightness

 Samsung Display Announces New QD-OLED 77″ with 2,000 Nits Peak Brightness

Samsung Display has announced their new QD-OLED screens will now have a 77-inch display panel, along with the existing 55” and 65”. The new screen will offer 2,000 Nits Peak Brightness, which is the highest ever in terms of image quality. Samsung Display is the leading source for QD-OLED TV and display panels, and they cater to Samsung Electronics and Sony. Their latest advancement will offer something more in the year 2023.

The announcement was supposed to take place during CES 2023, but Samsung Display has already unveiled the 77” display during the IMID 2022 in Busan, South Korea. All information about Quantum Dot technology can be found on their official website. The QD-OLED screens are already available for monitors and TV in varying sizes. For monitors, they have an option between 34” and 49”, while TVs will get either 55”, 65”, or the recently added 77”.

The Samsung QD-OLED will offer “a clean screen without afterimages” when used on monitors, which in turn provides an optimal viewing environment for gaming or watching videos. The effects will be seamless and will also offer faster response time.

As for TV screens, the QD-OLED will offer viewing that comes as close to what a human eye can perceive. It will enhance lighter areas and subdue darker spots. The QD-OLED will offer a “vast range of brightness with a perfect black”, while also containing a wide range of colors that will be enhanced according to the brightness. The screen is optimized to dispel any reflection of light, giving users a crisp viewing experience. 

The official price range for the 77” QD-OLED is not revealed yet, but it could be out sometime soon this year. 

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