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Legends ReWritten Tier List for June 2022 – Best Artifacts and Blessings

Roblox Legends ReWritten has some of the best Blessings and Artifacts. If you are not sure which ones are worth investing all your time for, we have compiled a list of Artifacts and Blessings ranked from best to worst in Legends ReWritten. 

Legends ReWritten – Best Artifacts and Blessings Tier List for June 2022

If you wish to upgrade your fighters you will need the help of Blessings, and only the best Blessings will give you the most power in the game. Artifacts are known to give players additional skills and are used to rank up. Here we will see the best artifacts and blessings ranked from best to worst in Legends ReWritten. 

Blessings and Artifacts will be ranked from Rank S to Rank D, with S ranking powers being the most preferred. Even if you do stumble upon anything from Rank A and below, they can still be of some use. D ranking blessings and artifacts need to be upgraded to something better, as these won’t help you in the long run. 

Best Blessings

  • Rank S – Rinne, Warudo
  • Rank A – Godspeed, Kira
  • Rank B – Susanoo, Kagune, Chakra
  • Rank C – Phoenix, Healer
  • Rank D – Wind

Best Artifacts

  • Rank S – Light, Spirit, Heros
  • Rank A – Lightning, Wind
  • Rank B – Flame
  • Rank C – Ice
  • Rank D – Water

That’s all there is to know about Artifacts and Blessings ranked in Legends ReWritten. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well. 

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