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Best Mobile Legends: Adventure Character Tier List August 2022

Best Mobile Legends Adventure Character Tier List June 2022

Mobile Legends: Adventure is an idle RPG that is largely popular among players. The game features seven Factions, and under these factions, many heroes are available with different abilities and skills. When it comes to battle games, players must know which heroes are the best to choose. This guide will provide you with the best character tier list of Mobile Legends: Adventure.

Who are the Best Heroes to Choose in Every Faction- Tier List Mobile Legends: Adventure (August 2022)

We have already mentioned that the game has seven factions: Light, Dark, Tech, Chaos, Order, Elemental, and Martial. Though all the heroes available in these factions have their own skills and abilities, some are better than others. Below we will provide you with the tier list of the best heroes to choose from-

S Tier Heroes

These are the best heroes from every faction. Their skills and abilities are unparalleled in the game. This tier includes-

  1. Martis (Chaos)
  2. Alice (Dark)
  3. Angela (Tech)
  4. Estes (Elemental)
  5. Argus (Dark)
  6. Valir (Elemental)
  7. Karina (Dark)
  8. Lancelot (Martial)
  9. Lolita (Martial)
  10. Rafaela (Light)
  11. Lunox (Order)
  12. Zilong (Martial)
  13. Clint (Martial)
  14. Lesley (Tech)

A Tier Heroes

These are also one of the best heroes in their Factions. Though not as good as the S-tier heroes. This tier includes-

  1. Harley (Elemental)
  2. Kadita (Elemental)
  3. Grock (Elemental)
  4. Hylos (Elemental)
  5. Zhask (Chaos)
  6. Gusion (Light)
  7. Chang’e (Light)
  8. Nana (Martial)
  9. Gatotkaca (Light)
  10. Lapu-Lapu (Martial)
  11. Freya (Light)
  12. Diggie (Tech)
  13. X.Borg (Tech)
  14. Yi Sun-shin (Martial)

B -Tier Heroes

These are average heroes in their Factions. Though not as good as the above two tiers, still good than many others. This tier includes-

  1. Hanzo (Dark)
  2. Aurora (Elemental)
  3. Yu Zhong (Chaos)
  4. Vexana (Dark)
  5. Moskov (Dark)
  6. Kaja (Light)
  7. Thamuz (Dark)
  8. Odette (Light)
  9. Claude (Tech)
  10. Uranus (Light)
  11. Fanny (Light)
  12. Tigreal (Light)
  13. Jawhead (Tech)
  14. Guinevere (Light)
  15. Irithel (Martial)
  16. Gavana (Order)
  17. Alucard (Martial)
  18. Akai (Martial)
  19. Saber (Tech)
  20. Karihmet (Order)
  21. Karrie (Tech)

C Tier Heroes

These are also average heroes but less good than B-tier. This tier includes-

  1. Bane (Dark)
  2. Miya (Elemental)
  3. Gord (Elemental)
  4. Helcurt (Dark)
  5. Eudora (Elemental)
  6. Minsitthar (Light)
  7. Aldous (Dark)
  8. Badang (Elemental)
  9. Wanwan (Martial)
  10. Layla (Tech)
  11. Kagura (Light)
  12. Hanabi (Martial)
  13. Alpha (Tech)
  14. Burno (Tech)

D Tier Heroes

These are the worst heroes to get in the game. You’ll get much better heroes than them. This tier includes-

  1. Cyclops (Elemental)
  2. Hilda (Martial)
  3. Balmond (Dark)

These are the tier list of heroes in Mobile Legends: Adventure. If you are curious to know the best heroes to choose while playing the game, check out our guide for help.

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