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Street Fighter 6 is soon to be released on the 2nd of June and the characters in the game are already announced. There will be a total of 18 playable characters and each of them has their own move list in the game. One of the 18 characters is called Juri who is a formidable poking attacker and also has good throwing techniques as well. This guide will show you a list of Juri’s moves in Street Fighter 6. 

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Street Fighter 6’s Juri Move list

Juri is a kicker and relies most on her mobility to deal damage and avoid attacks. She has good combo attacks and can be very deadly in the right hands. If players are interested in more defensive-heavy character she is not your choice but if players love the kicking, she might be one of the best. So without further delay, here is the list of all the Special attacks, Super Arts and Unique Moves Juri can perform in Street Fighter 6: 

Super Arts

  1. Sakkai Fuhazan (Level 1)

This is a multiple-kick attack which releases a ki blast and in the end, follows it with a more significant ki release to knock the opponent down. 

  1. Feng Shui Engine (Level 2)

This is a power-up ability as it releases the hidden power embedded in the eyes of Juri. After release, she can cancel normal moves into a special attack. 

  1. Kaisen Dankai Raku (Level 3)

This is combo art as it unleashes the full power of Feng Shui Engine which deals huge damage to the opponent with a combo. 

Unique Attacks

  1. Kyosesho

This is a forward-moving thrust attack which can be cancelled and turned into a special move. 

  1. Senkai Kick

This is an overhead attack that the opponent can not block while they crouch.

  1. Renko Kicks

This is a two-hit combo of kicks which can be cancelled and turned into a special move.

  1. Korenzan

This is a multi-hit kick combo and can be cancelled into a special move.

  1. Death Crest

This is a combination of attacks and can send an opponent flying.

Special Attacks

  1. Fuhajin

This is a high kick and can launch the opponent in the air. This attack also captures the ki in the surrounding and increase the Fuha stock by 1. 

  1. Saihasho

This is a low-round kick which can be useful in starting the combo. 

  1. Ankensatsu

This is a leap-kick attack where Juri jumps and comes down with an axe attack. It provides protection against low kicks and can be useful in combos.

  1. Go Ohsatsu

This is another attack but this one ends with an overhead round kick. This has a very good range and can be cancelled from normal attacks to make a good combo. 

  1. Tensenrin

This is a multi-kick attack and when used in the correct situation deals huge damage to the opponent. 

  1. Shiku-sen

This is a forward jumping dive attack which is very fast and can be very efficient in closing the distance. 

  1. Shiru-sen

This is an attack which Juri can do just after unleashing Shiku-sen and adding extra damage to the dive kick. 

That’s all you need to know about all the moves Juri can perform in Street Fighter 6. If you find this guide helpful, you can check our website for more such guides and news about Street Fighter 6 and various other games. 

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