Street Fighter 6 Release Date May Be Sooner Than You Think

 Street Fighter 6 Release Date May Be Sooner Than You Think

Fans are expecting the Street Fighter 6 release date to be announced as soon as the game receives its first ratings. Street Fighter 6 officially has a 2023 release window, and Capcom’s latest financial results revealed that it has a “new title” planned for the rest of the fiscal year – Resident Evil 4 – indicating that the fighting game will not be released before 2023 March 31.

Street Fighter 6 rating

There is only one major industry event left until the end of the year, which is The Game Awards 2022. After the demise of E3, the Game Awards became the major industry event, with more people wanting to advertise during the event. With Street Fighter 6 now in worldwide review, it only makes sense that a new trailer and release date will be announced at TGA 2022 on Thursday, December 8. But this is all just speculation, so don’t hold your breath. As noted by Twitter user Xenosaga 7, the Korean Ratings Board gave Street Fighter 6 a 15 and above due to “limited depictions of sexuality” and, of course, violence. This form of “limited” sexuality comes from character traits.

Street Fighter 6 Release Date

Unlike its predecessor, Street Fighter 6 is a multiplayer game that will be released in 2023 on PS4 and PS5, along with Xbox Series X/S and PC. An Xbox One version doesn’t seem to be in the works.

For comparison, Horizon Forbidden West premiered in November 2021 and was released three months later in February 2022. God of War Ragnarök premiered in May and was released six months later in November.

Capcom has just confirmed the full Street Fighter 6 character roster, which includes the original eight “World Fighters” from Street Fighter II.

Capcom also filmed more of the World Tour at the TGS presentation.

This mode will feature an open world and will allow players to explore different locations, meet classic Street Fighter characters, and battle other NPCs.

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