How to Use Developer Mode in Sons of the Forest

Harsh Clif
Harsh Clif

Sons of the Forest provides a number of accessibility choices so you can tailor your gameplay experience to your preferences. However, Endnight Games included a playable Developer Mode in the game’s early access for administrators operating a Sons of the Forest server who want to make sure their peers’ experience is as seamless as possible. This is how Sons of the Forest’s Developer Mode is triggered.

How to Use Developer Mode in Sons of the Forest 

Sons Of The Forest – How to enable Developer Console

Sons of the Forest’s Developer Mode is comparable to the Creative Mode option found in other survival titles like Minecraft. Developer Mode isn’t one of Sons of the Forest’s “official” challenge levels, but you can enable it if you’re in multiplier mode and the server’s administrator while playing the game.

Open the Options Menu from Sons of the Forest’s main menu to launch the game in Developer Mode. Use the Enter key to enter your server’s conversation after it has opened, then write the instruction /developermodern. After doing this, you ought to be able to press F1 to launch the Developer Console.

By entering your admin code into the box that displays, you must now link the Developer Console to your Sons of the Forest website. The admin code used to access your user account on the website is the same as this one. After completing these steps, join the computer and hit F1 to access Developer Mode. 

You can enter instructions that let them change the environment of Sons of the Forest in a variety of ways when Developer Mode is activated. The majority of Developer Mode’s features are intended to simplify server administration by enabling the administrator to keep an eye on the server’s performance or ban troublesome users. Since the game provides you with an option to handle players who are being annoying and troublesome, why not use it? But do remember Uncle Ben’s words, “With great power, comes great responsibility.”

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